Membership Application

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There are two categories of Membership - Senior Financial Executives & Resource Company Representatives. 


Senior Financial Executives (SFE's) are company management personnel who are directly responsible for the financial management and financial well- being of an organization.  SFE’s may include but are not limited to: CFO’s, Controllers, Vice Presidents of Finance, and Treasurers.  SFE’s may be currently employed, between jobs, or retired.  In addition, SFE status is limited to senior financial executives of firms with a minimum of 50 employees, $10,000,000 (USD) gross annual revenue, or $10,000,000 (USD) average annual assets.  There are no dues for SFE's and a company may send more than one SFE to a meeting.


Resource Companies (RC's) are defined as companies that provide services and expertise that may be of value to SFE’s.  Representatives of resource companies are people who are not involved in the financial management or decision making of the Company.  Resource company representatives may include but are not limited to bankers, insurance providers, lawyers, investment advisors, public accountants, staffing/recruiting agents, payroll providers, or consultants.  Resource Companies are asked to make an annual contribution to attend our meetings.  Resource Companies are limited to one representative per meeting unless they are the meeting sponsor.